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NED- DICE Automotive 2016:

The event of DICE Automotive 2016 provides a platform for students of the country to showcase their innovative projects related to Automotive. The platform bridges a gap between academia and industry for better collaboration, solving industrial problems and sharing of ideas for developing innovative products of the future. It also provides students and industry a chance to present their ideas and products to professionals and renowned personalities of the country.

In addition to regular projects this year a two-day formula prototype head-to-head event named PROTO F1 is also being organized. It comprises of static and dynamic stages and is a great opportunity for students who have designed prototype formula cars at different educational institutions of the country to compete for pole position.

Who Can Participate:

  • Undergraduate Student: Student teams working on Automotive related research/innovations, from any HEC recognized degree awarding university/institution. Each team can have a maximum of five members. Each team should have one member from the Automotive industry.
  • Exhibiting Industry
  • Individuals (Industry & Academia)

Topics of the Innovative projects:

  • Automotive Design & Manufacturing techniques
  • Fuels, Fuel Cells for Electric & Hybrid Vehicles
  • Systems and Methods for Economy improvement
  • Emissions
  • Advanced Materials for Vehicles
  • Automotive Electronics, Controls and Instrumentation
  • Ergonomic Design of Automotive
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Active & Passive Safety
  • Human- Machine Interfacing
  • Automotive CFD Design / Analysis
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Motor Sports Engineering
  • Others (Thermal Design, Structural Design etc.)

Project Evaluation Criteria:

  • Degree Of Innovation: 15%
  • Potential Impact on local industry and Economy: 30%
  • Usage of Modern Tools / software: 25%
  • Readiness for commercialization (Prototype & Business Plan) : 20%
  • Presenatatin / Report: 10%

Judges Panel :

The judges panel will consist of one member each from:

  • Industry
  • DICE Foundation
  • Academia Other than NEDUET

Steering Committee:

Patron: Vice Chancellor NEDUET, Dr. M. Afzal Haque
Co-Patron: Chairman DICE Foundation USA, Dr. Khurshid Qureshi
Chairperson-Academia: Dean (CPE/MME/ISH) NEDUET, Dr. Muhammad Tufail
Co-Chairperson-Academia 1: Chairman (Industrial & Manufacturing Engg Deptt) NEDUET, Dr. Syed Amir Iqbal
Co-Chairperson-Academia 2: Chairman (Mechanical Engg Deptt) NEDUET, Dr. Mubashir Ali Siddiqui
Chairperson-Industry: Senior Vice Chairman, PAAPAM, Mashood Ali Khan
Chair DICE-Automotive,USA: Chairperson-DICE Automotive, USA, Mr. Saad Ellahie
Chief Organizer: Chairman (Automotive Engg Deptt) NEDUET, Dr.-Ing. Syed Mushahid Hussain Hashmi
Director Industrial Liaison & Chief Coordinator: Director Industrial Liaison NEDUET, Mr. Ali Zulqarnain
Representative from NUST: Dr Irfanul Haq
HEC Liaison: Dr Arshad Ali
Finance Manager: Associate Professor (Automotive Engg Deptt) NEDUET, Dr. Faraz Akbar



Contact Us

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Syed Mushahid Hussain Hashmi
  • Phone: 92-21-99261261 Ext: 2539
  • Email:camd@neduet.edu.pk

  • Mr. Saad Ellahie
  • Email:
  • saad.ellahie@dicefoundation.org


  • Mr. Ali Zulqarnain
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  • Mobile :+92-334-3137166
  • Email:dil@neduet.edu.pk


  • Dr. Saqib Jamshed Rind
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